Our services: The two-column principle of the Jakob HülsenGmbH & Co.KG

Since 1881 it has been synonymous Jakob Hülsen with the manufacture of non-ferrous metal equipment for industry and trade. In the meantime, however, our service portfolio not only includes the manufacture of products, but also the service of individual welding work in the aluminium sector.

This is based on a two-column principle.

For almost 130 years the Jakob HülsenGmbH & Co.KG has been working in the production of plants made of non-metals. Learn more here more about our history.

Almost 150 years of company history come about because we keep what we promise. Learn more here more about the corporate philosophy of the Jakob HülsenGmbH & Co.KG.

Service area: custom-made products made of aluminium and individual welding work

Over the years, we have continuously expanded and improved our product portfolio, thus responding to the demand of our customers.
With us you find not only prefabricatedpipe moldings, but also individual productions are possible. The Jakob Hülsen GmbH & Co. KG with the raw material aluminium: Aluminium not only has a particularly high strength at low weight, but can also be a challenge in production as a basic material. With the specialisation on the special metal Jakob Hülsen The necessary system technology and the trained manpower to carry out individual aluminium welding work professionally. Here you get an overview of our different activities in the service sector.

Quality assurance and speed: these are our strengths

No matter whether in production or in the service sector: Quality assurance always remains in one hand: Our company premises, which unites administration, sales and production, and our well-equipped machinery enable short, fast routes, which always allow order processing to be uncomplicated and highly professional.

It goes without saying that our work complies with international standards and regulations.