Customized aluminum welding: Welding specialist Jakob Hülsen

For more than 60 years, the core business of Jakob Hülsen GmbH & Co. KG has consisted of the production of raw molded parts made of non-ferrous metals, especially aluminum. Aluminum can not only be used in a wide variety of temperature ranges, has a low weight and high strength, but also requires many years of experience in processing. There are only a few specialist welding companies for aluminum that are confident enough to work with this special material.

Welding company for aluminum:
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Not only do we manufacture custom aluminum products, we also provide partial support for projects involving only aluminum welding. This way you remain flexible in the production process.

Below you can download our certificate as welding specialist and the procedure qualification tests.

ISO 3834-2





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You can rely on our quality - you can count on it. Due to the fact that administration, sales and production as well as logistics are located at one site, quality assurance always remains in one hand. As early as the 1990s, we decided to make quality assurance a management issue. It goes without saying that our work complies with international standards and regulations.

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