Saddles made of aluminium, copper and copper-nickel

Jakob Hülsen We supply aluminium saddles, copper and copper-nickel acc. to DIN 86987. Our customers use them saddles especially in the field of process engineering and, depending on the type, in the field of shipping as well as for seawater pipelines.

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Saddles made of aluminium, seamless

At Jakob Hülsen you will find seamless aluminum saddle. These are cold-formed and, depending on the design, are processed in plant and apparatus engineering, especially in process engineering and shipping. The advantages of the ubiquitous saddles are a low dead weight and, depending on the type, good seawater resistance and a temperature application range from -270°C to +300°C.

Saddles made of copper, seamless

Manufactured from copper acc. to DIN 86087, the seamless, cold-formed copper is suitable saddles for use in sanitary and heating systems in buildings, ships and related applications. The advantages are the high corrosion resistance and the temperature application range from -270°C to +250°C.




Saddles made of copper-nickel, seamless

Saddles the seamless copper-nickel acc. to DIN 86087 are cold-formed and are used in shipbuilding and offshore applications in seawater pipelines and related applications. The advantages of the saddles are a high corrosion resistance, especially the very good seawater resistance and the temperature range from -270°C to +300°C.

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