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Today Jakob Hülsen GmbH & Co. KG is one of the leading companies for pipe elbow production in Europe. With more than 30 employees, Hülsen serves customers all over the world from its location in Tönisvorst on the Lower Rhine. The company stands not only for individual pipe form productions, but also for reliability, development and longevity. On this page you can learn more about the history of Jakob Hülsen GmbH & Co. KG.

1881 Jakob Hülsen founds his first workshop in Krefeld

The foundation stone for the company was laid by coppersmith and pump maker Jakob Hülsen in 1881. In the vibrant silk city of Krefeld, the craftsman began to manufacture vats and tools for dye works in his workshop. Even before the Second World War, the first expansion took place: Hülsen moved into a workshop to carry out gas fusion welding for copper for the first time. A short time later, he upgrades: The electric welding process for steels is used for the first time at Hülsen.

Quickly back on track after the Second World War: Johannes Hülsen takes over the company

Although the Hülsen workshop was destroyed twice during the Second World War, the company continued to grow: Johannes Hülsen, the son of the company founder, took over the workshop in 1937. At that time, the company was primarily involved in the manufacture of coal-fired bath ovens and vacuum systems.

Seamless pressed pipe elbow production takes place for the first time in 1959

Already in 1959, more than 60 years ago, Jakob Hülsen GmbH & Co. KG first began to mass-produce seamless pressed pipe elbows. The company grows so fast that the managing director decides to build a new location for the company in Tönisvorst, right next to Krefeld: On the current headquarters of Jakob Hülsen GmbH & Co. KG, a spacious factory site with a modern factory hall and administration buildings is built. Almost simultaneously, Johannes Hülsen hands over the company to his son Heinz - the third generation of the family. 

Development and progress: pipe elbow fabrication lead the company

The demand for the seamless pressed pipe elbows increases steadily from year to year and becomes the core business of Jakob Hülsen GmbH & Co. KG. The warehouses are adapted, the machinery is upgraded and the vertical range of manufacture is significantly increased. The company also starts welding half-shell elbows and other pipe fittings and gains an ever larger market share. Customers come from the shipping, sanitary and chemical industries. Hülsen is approved to issue its own acceptance test certificates and is thus able to supply pipe elbows more quickly and in an unbureaucratic manner to plants requiring acceptance.

Competitiveness increased by further expansion

At the beginning of the 90s, Hülsen puts another press into operation. Now pipe elbows up to a nominal diameter of DN 500 can be manufactured. In addition, a new blasting plant is put into operation and both the warehouse and office buildings are expanded. In the mid-90s, the family decides to share responsibilities: Under Managing Director Heinz Hülsen, Ralf Hülsen takes over technical management with a focus on quality assurance, while Ulrike Hülsen looks after commercial management. At the turn of the millennium, Hülsen obtains DIN EN ISO 9002:1994 certification and sets the course for securing the European export market.

JHK stands for future and safety

With the appointment as equal managing directors in October 2003, Ulrike Thallner (née Hülsen) and Ralf Hülsen lead the family business in the fourth generation. In 2005 Alfred Thallner joins them for marketing and sales. Today, Ulrike and Alfred Thallner form the company management.

With Jakob Hülsen GmbH & Co KG, the family around founder Jakob has created an innovative, reliable and unique company for the production of pipe fittings made of non-ferrous metals, which presents German industrial craftsmanship all over the world.

Jakob Hülsen GmbH & Co. KG builds on two pillars: a reliable product range and professional services. Learn more about our services.

150 years of company history come about because we deliver what we promise. Learn more about the corporate philosophy of Jakob Hülsen GmbH & Co. KG.


Foundation of the first workshop by Jakob Hülsen in Krefeld


First move to large workshop

between 1928 & 1935

Introduction of gas fusion welding for copper


first-time application of the electric welding process for steels


Johannes Hülsen takes over the company (2nd generation)


Start of series production of seamless pressed pipe elbows made of non-ferrous metals


Move to the current company premises in Tönisvorst Heinz Hülsen takes over the company
(3rd generation)


Company anniversary: 100 years of sleeves


Upgrade of the machine park

Start of welding of half-shell elbows and other unfinished parts


Construction of another warehouse for delivery and shipping


Sleeves receives TÜV approval acc. to AD W0


Processing of the largest single order to date: three-stage vacuum cooking system


Commissioning of another press


Construction of another warehouse


Division into commercial and technical management


Participation in the TUBE Düsseldorf for the first time


Acquisition of longitudinal welding machine


Certification acc. to DIN EN ISO 9002:1994


Ulrike Thallner (née Hülsen) and Ralf Hülsen take over the company (4th generation)


Alfred Thallner joins the management team in a supporting role for marketing and sales


Implementation of a new ERP system with integrated state-of-the-art control system for manufacturing. 


Expansion of the welding department through the acquisition of a welding robot.


Opening of a new and modern logistics center in Krefeld-Fischeln


Together Ulrike and Alfred Thallner lead the fortunes of the company